Below are specs on the fifteen inch subwoofer, the ss5500 (Fifteen inch High Performance Subwoofer by SEVEN, black basket):
  • Over-sized (polymer infused) Foam Surround
  • Push Terminals
  • Watts: 5,500w RMS, 12,000w peak
  • Size: 15inch,129lbs
  • Mounting depth: 12 5/8 with gasket/seal, (14 1/4" total sub height)
  • High efficiency FEA optimized quad stacked motor
  • 4inch, high performance dual voice coils (DVC) 1ohm
  • Triple Nomex Spider
  • Large terminals for big gauge wire

fs/fms: 23.2hz
Qms: 5.39
Rms: 12.2 - kg/s
Nret: 0.46%
VAS: 88.2 L
RES: 285.6ohm
Bt: 23.9 N/A
Qes: 0.23
Cms: 0.10
Rp: 42.6 ohm
Le: 3.69 mH
Re: 1.0 ohm
Qts: 0.22
Mms 452.5gr
SPL: 88.6 dB
Lp: 61.8 mH
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The ss5500 (SEVEN Subwoofer, 15") performs well, generally speaking in 6-8 cubes (6 if overpowered (not typical), eight if under). Tuning is preference. 15-17 sq inch port diameter per cube. And remember the 15" its self is near a cube displacement. The power handling on the 15 is big, and takes a serious set up to "get its attention". Because of this, a larger enclosure will usually perform better. Users are even building as large as 9 square foot cube per one single 15. We invite your feedback, always...

warning and caution to your back, hands, fingers and toes when moving or installing this subwoofer. Two people are recommended and SEVEN is not liable for personal injury or death caused by this subwoofer or its installation/handling.