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Seven believes in transparent sales and customer service. Likewise, we wanted a simple, clean and easy to navigate website. We hope visitors find this website informational as well. Seven is growing slowly, but growing and making progress in the car audio market. We are doing this with high quality products, great customer service, faith, cool photography, research and development on new ideas, and awesome designs. 

Did we mention HIGH QUALITY products?
This has always been our number one objective!

We want our high-end speakers to get into the hands of experienced individuals, who cherish the product and the excitement of the car audio experience!

A better product, good feedback and the subwoofers being able to perform at their best is what we strive for. We are happy to share our thoughts on all of this and look forward to hearing from you!

Apparel by Seven - a lot of emphasis goes into the design of even the simplest things, such as a T-shirt. For us, having a logo on a shirt is not most important, having comfort in all the right places, is however, important. Think about a favorite shirt of yours, maybe one you wear around the house. A lot of times that shirt may have a logo or be in a color that is not your favorite, but it gets worn a lot because it fits you so well. That's the idea; comfortable high quality apparel.
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Seven Series (the ss);
The "ss tag" came later on after the name of the company. Seven has (ss) and (ss) with one website. "Sonic Shock" is a term derived from lighting and thunder and was an alternative name before "Seven". So "ss" also represents Sonic Shock, as in a really loud and powerful subwoofer. Another play on words that we like, though a little edgy, is "Simple Stupid" (ss), which is a type of slang referring to having something being overly easy. We have an easy website with clear language. We aim for easy transactions for customers. We have very easy model numbers for the speakers; ss300, ss1000, ss2000, ss5500.
The logo is a hummingbird. The birds wings are forward representing forward growth, positive vibes (literally speaking because that's what subwoofers do, they vibrate!), and also has a reference to the Arch of The Covenant, but getting into that is a little too deep, especially for an otherwise un-related product. Have you ever been underneath a hummingbird in flight? It is a lot like being under one of those toy helicopters. They make a very impressive breeze. They move a LOT of air, especially for their size. This is a direct reference to subwoofers, especially when the speaker is in a ported enclosure. That's all well and good, but what about the name SEVEN? If you ever Google "7 meaning", the literal word and number of 7, you may get something stating how scholars say it denotes completeness or perfection. Of course we are not perfect, but we believe in having as high of quality as possible. Another thing that may come up is how the number represents "the thinker" and the searcher of truth. This fits very well with our R&D, to come up with new ideas. This also fits into our idea of transparency and truth in customer service. Seven is one word. It is simple and easy to remember. It also comes up a lot in every day life, sort of like free marketing. There is also something called the SEVEN Value when calculating RMS: The value used when calculating RMS (Vrms =Vp*) is .707. For these reasons we believe it to be a great name, and a good fit for our company and its values.

  The logo is a hummingbird.

The birds' wings are forward representing forward growth, positive vibes (literally speaking because that's what subwoofers do, they vibrate). Have you ever been underneath a hummingbird in flight? They move a LOT of air, especially for their size. Enough of that, you're not here for birds! We're here because we love the excitement of extreme vibrations! We like to float hats and win trophies-
Is that your TRUNK everyone can hear RATTLING from a block away?

Why put hundreds of dollars into your car audio, and not take the extra 30 bucks to make it sound WAY BETTER?

If you're going to do it, then do it right! Talk to one of our rep's about ordering multiple rolls for even more of a discount!